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Kiss My Face Deal

This was just too freakin' good to pass up. I went to KMF's "Body and Soul" promo and got a free Peaches and Cream moisture shave tube (and 20% off your order excluding Dollar Store stuff)--hey, if I don't care for it, SWMBO will like it--then headed over to the KMF Dollar Store for $1 Virgin Forest and $1 Jasmine tubes. Yeah, $6 for shipping, but I get three, four ounce tubes of shave creams for under $9. That's a steal.

SSLStudio said:
The peaches shave cream is that stuff just for woman or so ?

I've used it... and found it to be more-or-less the same as other KMF stuff... except that I don't much care for the scent. Now SWMBO uses it (she also uses my KMF Lime and Mint creams).
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