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Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl and Soaps Sizes

I received a wooden Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl as part of a PIF. I'd looked at the same bowl on Amazon before and considered getting one for some hard soap pucks. However, I had been uncertain which soap pucks would be able to fit in the bowl. Amazon provides the following dimensions for the bowl: 3.5in x 3.5in x 2.01in (L x W x D).

Recently, I placed a new puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat (still in the wrapper) in the bowl and it was a perfect fit. That said, the lid rested on the wrapper and did not sit flush with the bowl.



I've also placed individual (unwrapped) pucks of Taylor of Old Bond Street and Tabac shave soaps in the bowl. Each soap fit with room to spare on the sides. This means slipping the soap pucks into and out of thr bowl, along with airing out the soaps after use should be easier. Keep in mind, however, since the TOBS soap has a rounded base, the puck is inclined to rock in the Kingsley bowl.

In short, the Kingsley bowl would make a good soap bowl for a puck of (at least these three*) hard soaps. If anyone is interested in getting one for that purpose, but hesitant about whether the soap pucks will fit in the bowl, you can rest assured.

*As does Haslinger, Wet Shaving Products's 125g Rustic, RazoRock's What the Puck, and Pre de Province 63 soap pucks also fit in the bowl. Though, in the case of PdP 63, the lid of the Kingsley bowl will sit on top of a brand new puck of the soap (instead of sitting flush on the bowl's rim).
Pretty nice bowl for the money, but not very deep. I just slice my too tall soap pucks in half to make two shorter round pucks. It seems any soap puck under ~90mm will fit in those bowls. Saponificio Varesino pucks and a few others might be slightly too large so have to be trimmed down some.


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They are a nice looking bowl. I bought something similar from China a while ago and put my refill puck of Tabac in it. The problem is like you mentioned you cannot put the lid on as the pucks are far to tall/thick when sitting in the bowl when they are new pucks.
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