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Kingsley Badger Shave Brush - White # 28

I just found out about this wonderful community and had to sign up!

I started off shaving with a cheap old DE razor and a synthetic cheap brush/cheap tubed shaving cream about 25 years ago. I got corrupted and hijacked by Mach 3/canned shaving cream about 10 years ago (always rushing to get on with the day!). However I'm reconverting to my old school ways after a long hiatus.

So I went on to buy an Edwin Jagger De89lbl Double Edge Safety Razor, some Astra and Feather blades, some Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream (all sounds ok up to here) and this brush...



I'm having buyer's (ignorant) remorse and I'm probably going to return it after I receive it in a few days (I tried cancelling the order yesterday, but it was already in the process of being shipped). I wish I found this wonderful forum last week and I probably would have probably gone with a better brush. I always used to be a face latherer, so maybe a boar brush (i.e. Semogue 830) would have sufficed.

But then again, after reading all the expert posts on this forum, there's a lot of love for badger brushes like the Savile Row 3824. That brush looks 5-star luxuriously comfortable. Also on my radar was the EJ silver tip.

I'll probably end up returning the Kingsley #28, unless someone here can convince me otherwise! The question is... What to replace it with?

Excited to be kicking it old-school once again!
I figured the Kingsley brush wouldn't excite anyone. LOL. Has anyone at all even heard about this brush? For under $25, it does get lots of decent feedback on Amazon, which is why I took the bait in the first place.

Once I receive it in a couple of days, I'll use it until I can get something better, then I'll relegate it to my travel bag. Probably not even worth returning it and paying a restocking fee.
Never seen one of those, but you never know, it might be great! You don't have to have a premium brush to get a good shave. I love my B&B Boar brush at $20, for example.
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