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King of Pitralons

Long time ago I read about Pitralons and when opportunity came I bought everything what was available. $SAM_3410.jpg$SAM_3411.jpg

I can enjoy now ( my keyboard is broken so with happiness of being owner of this fantastic AS I suffering to write just a couple of sentences).
Story will continue...:001_smile

There must be something in the water these days. I can certainly relate!.

I was thinking that the Zedern was actually a rebranded version of the Classic. Do these have the same ingredients and scent? If they are different, I may have to add that to my wish list........

Also, the Pure and the Original are actually the same AS.In Austria, it is marketed as Original, but else ware they call it Pure.

Nice collection!
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The Swiss pitralon with it's brandied pear scent and it's phenomenal healing and face feel makes it a favorite in my den! Nice collection


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I really want to get my hands on some of the Austrian "PURE" but it seems particularly hard to find.
I really want to get my hands on some of the Austrian "PURE" but it seems particularly hard to find.
Not hard to find here. I prefer the Classic or the Swiss though. The Pure is a tuned down version of the Swiss, in my opinion.

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Pitralon Classic rulez! Polar is also nice... I must try Pure!
Ralon from Croatia has off-putting scent to me but very good skin conditioning properties.
I did not try that, but I understand that it is close to the Swiss one?

My favorite is the German Pitralon "Classic". Available everywhere in Germany, and in some places in the Netherlands.
@baskas my friend wonderful collection of Pitralons,congrats!
Once I had a sample of Pitralon Polar, and now I have a bottle of Pitralon Classic. Polar was cool, but IMO Classic is even better.
If you have just one bottle is very easy to to decide... I need to take a little longer time and use each AS for maybe a week and I will know which is my favorite (it will take over 6 weeks !!!)

Shevek - I did not see your thread...mea culpa. You have talent to describe in details differences between them. You have also very nice collection :001_smile

BSAGuy-I was in Europe and is no problem to get them there.

Witeq- thank you very much for nice words:001_cool:

I did not try the Czech Pritralon yet, but at this point I have more than enough AS to use and I must strongly resist other purchases.
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