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King Gillette Weekend


Razor: Gillette Goodwill #160
Blade: Astra Superior Stainless
Brush: Simpson's Butterscotch Chubby 2 Synthetic
Pre-Shave: Proraso Red
Lather: Noble Otter Monarch
Aftershave: Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Pinaud Finest powder

Today it was:
Gillette contract tech
Gillette 7 o’clock yellow
Perfecto brush
La Toja
Custom scented ASB
Sun 4th Gillette OCtober#4 Shave-Off
Suezbana Lemon & TeaTree
Brush Omega Boar
#1 Razor/Blade Gillette British RFB with Gillette Nacet 4
#2 Razor/Blade Gillette New LC with Gillette London Bridge 2
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Reuzel Wood & Spice
Epic lather! Nice scent, creamy and slick.
Today is a shave-off between 2 similar looking Gillette OC...at least in eyes they looked similar. Reason? Gotta use up as many OC razor in a week for OCtober
The New LC with London Bridge & the RFB with Nacet...
3 pass wtg, xtg & atg.
New LC with London Bridge is a little smoother and comfortable plus efficient. Total BBS glass smooth.
RFB with Nacet is just slightly less smooth and less efficient but still comfortable. Between BBS to DFS. To be fair...London bridge blade is on 2nd use while Nacet is on 4th. Rating 10/10 !!
Both razor are winners! They got it right long time ago...


Gillette Old Type
Dorco ST-301 (3)
Wickham Soap Co. 1912 Russian Leather
Omega 10065 boar
Gillette Cool Wave AS

It's Hedley

I am falling in love again with my Pre-War Tech...

Razor: Gillette Brushed Nickel Pre-War Tech
Blade: Gillette Nacet
Soap: Grooming Dept. Mallard Rose Chai
Brush: Wolf Whiskers Midnight Orchid Eagle/Elite Razor Manchurian White Fan
Aftershave: Old Spice Original (Mumbai)​

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