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King Gillette Weekend

It's Hedley

Razor: Gillette NEW Deluxe (recently re-plated in black rhodium/bright nickel)
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue
Soap: Martin de Candre Fougere
Brush: Omega Jade Persian Jar Boar
Aftershave: Lucky Old Man​

I whipped up a batch of Lucky Old Man yesterday. It is an excellent elixir if you like Clubman, which I do. Nicely done David (@dmshaver)!



Razor: Gillette 1960 F4 Fatboy Adjustable
Blade: Shark Super Stainless
Brush: Supply Silvertip Synthetic
Pre-Shave: Cremo Brushless Shaving Cream
Lather: Soap Smooth Barbershop
Aftershave: Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Pinaud Finest powder