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King Gillette Weekend

The original Gillette Company was founded by King Camp Gillette in 1901 as a safety razor manufacturer.

King Gillette sought protection of his fledgling business for safety razors when he applied for the trademarks for razors and razor blades, soap, and shaving brushes on Wednesday, May 27, 1908. King C. Gillette filed trademark applications with the USPTO simultaneously in separate goods and services classes.

Registration for the Gillette trademark was assigned to razors and razor blades and was granted on October 13, 1908 with a serial number 71034984.

The first safety razor using the new disposable blade went on sale in 1903.

Which Gillette razor are YOU using this weekend and what did YOU put in it ?
I used my 7'oclock with a fat handle and put a Derby Extra blade in it for the first time.


Gillette Adjustable with Astra SP ... I do have some vintage Gillette blades so I'll use one of those tomorrow


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I will use my Rich Wood with a Seven O'clock I got in a sample pack. I have never used this razor or blade before. Bring on the carnage.
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