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King 8K - should I?

I've been thinking about this on and off for a couple of years now, and the recent King Thread sparked my interest again...

I have the 800, 1K, 1200, 4K and 6K Kings. I still use them periodically. Should I get the 8K King? Is it even worth it? Also, where can I get one....

Help! :blink:

I haven't tried it but it seems to have a good reputation. Better then the lower grit stones that most razor honers doesn't like much.
The 8k king gold deluxe is a bit different stone than the other grits...its not as soft or porous, you can usually just spray water on the surface and begin making your slurry...it does not soak it up rapidly like the lower grits that require soaking.

If you like your other stones I dont think you will have any problems enjoying the 8K. I'm replacing the lower grits with other stones but I may keep the 8K king for the reasons I mentioned above, it really is a different animal than the other king stones.


I ordered the sigma power 1k stone from here recently and noticed they had the 8K gold.
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I have an 8K king but it seems to leave microchips even after several lappings. Unfortunately it sits under my sink with not much use these days. I may have just gotten a bunk stone because I've heard decent things about them.
Interesting range of replies thus far...

Can anyone compare it in relation to another 8K - be it Norton, Super, or Shapton?
Isn't that kinda like buying a Kia after driving a Cadillac?
I've got a Suehiro 8K, which I believe is a similar type of stone, and I too experienced micro-chipping. I began to think that it was an intentional feature to create a saw-toothed edge on knives.
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