Kimchi pancake

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    I sometimes buy kimchi pancakes from the deli in the Korean market and snack on them while driving home. Inexpensive and delicious. I decided to research how to make them and was pleasantly surprised that it looked easy. I made one last night and the wife loved it. I’ll be making this a lot from now on.
  1. Korean pancakes in general are just enjoyable. I didn't care for Korean food at first, thinking it was too reliant on chiles and garlic, but I appreciate it a great deal now.
  2. Yes, when I first tried Korean food I was not a fan. I revisited the cuisine years later and it started to grow on me. A friend later took me out for hot pots one cold winter day and I fell in love. My wife was not a fan until I took her to try hot pots and now she is a convert. We always have a big container of kimchi on hand.
  3. I made another pancake last night. My wife put guacamole on hers. It was actually a great combination.
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    I'm a big fan of Korean cuisine. I've eaten kimchi "pancakes" (and other savory "pancakes," including an excellent seafood one) in restaurants, and I'll have to give it a try at home. First, though, I really ought to put together another batch of kimchi!
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    on my list to try soon

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