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Kienzle watches?

It's a German brand, seems to have been around but not really a prestigious brand. Anybody know more about this company? I've got what looks like a 1960s Marlin-style watch from them, so I'm curious. Will get a pic up shortly if I can.
Well, here is a little bit on what I think is the brand from Wiki, for those interested. The watch looks like the old Marlin type Timex put out in the sixties. Old watchmakers. I guess they're still in business. I've never heard of them.

Maybe we should create a repository of this kind of information, if we don't already have one. Could be useful to collectors and such.
They had some great innovations through the years but their bread and butter business were watches with pin lever movements which are easy to build but don’t age that well.

Most vintage models go between 50-150 with a couple of outliers like the 12,000m WR Quartz Model or the Atlas Diver from the 70s.
My first watch was a Kienzle, at the time, a pretty good German brand for the lower-mid price market. Haven't heard the name now for decades.
Mine looked like this one:


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I remember they made dashboard clocks for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and VW in the 60s and 70s that I would send out for repair. Mostly worked well but many had a harsh life.

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