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Kesh Nikhar Update

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
I have been a big fan of Kesh Nikhar shampoo bar, which used to be readily available from Indian-Pakistani grocery stores in the DC area. But then seemed to become only available shipped directly from India via eBay. The latter approach seemed to work fine for awhile.

However, the last batch of ten bars I got are definitely not up to par. They have sort of a sandy texture and do not lather up the way previous versions did. These are inexpensive items, so it is hard to believe someone would go to the effort to counterfeit them or somewhat more likely adulterate them. But I really have to conclude something untoward or at least unfortunate happened.

I like this stuff so much, I might try ordering from a different source, but I am close to throwing in the towel on one of my all time favorite indispensible products.