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Pronounced Ka-Ra-o-Kei

The Ka-Ra are sounds as found in the Japanese word Karate.

I thought this was going to be thread about that onetime Presidential wannabe ...., John Kerry.


Always managed to avoid it. I do play my squeezebox at pub sessions and occasionally we let the odd one or two to sing but certainly not karaoke style! Something folky with a chorus is good now and then as long as it doesn't get out of hand and they want to sing two in a row!

Definitely evil. And a guilty pleasure. My friend Rob and I go to the redneck karaoke bar and sing Elvis Costello, David Bowie and Roxy Music. They LOVE us.
I'd say evil in a good kind of way. You never know what you might see.... I've found it an interesting experience every time I've been, which is about 3. Now, I would never actually do it myself, but that's because I couldn't carry a tune in a shave mug.

Sometimes your friends surprise you. Went not so long ago with a friend I was visiting and some of his buddies. I knew he could sing, but All Night Long by AC/DC?!? It is impressive to see someone scream in falsetto through a whole song and keep in tune and sounding good.

Sometimes people surprise you in other ways. Seeing one of my professors get drunk and sing Yellow Submarine at a bar in China was a relatively incomparable experience.....
I'm a music teacher, but have seen some folks sing karaoke that was just plain wrong.:biggrin:

I do, however, sing all day long--at school, with the kids, at home, in the car. I think its great for my boys to hear their dad sing and think nothing is weird about that, and I hope that they continue to sing for their whole lives.

But the whole bouncing ball and bad recordings. . .:blushing:
Hey EvryBuddy!!

Didnt mean to be a "Turtle" or for the thread to be misleading.:wink:
I work nights so I dont get to communicate much with "normal" people during the day.

I like to Bowl and afterwards we have a little singing and socializing.
I was just wondering if there were many of us who liked to belt out a chorus or 2.:w00t:


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I have the world's shortest prenuptual agreement. It reads:

no karaoke.
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