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Kent V23 info / Kent for face lathering?

Guys. I've got my eye on a NOS Kent V23 badger brush on a 'popular internet auction site' but have been unable to find any info or specs on it can you help?

Also I was wondering what would be the better Kent brush for a shower shaver with soap sticks?. For info I have been (up untill quite recently) using Simpson pure badger with quite small handles EG the Duke 1, case etc.

Thanks in advance.
Any brush can be used for any soap or cream. Its all in the technique of using it. Practice making a few test lathers, and work at your face lather.
I think those older model Kents were either Pure badger or badger/bristle mix most of the time, it should be right in the neighborhood of what you're used to. I picked up a W21 not too long ago that I face lather with and it's pretty enjoyable, you can't go wrong with a Kent:thumbup1:
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