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Kent soaps on ebay

Received today, so 9 days shipping UK to Australia. Not bad at all.

Bowl and soap is nice. This is actually the part I was after. The bowl actually isn't exactly the same as the one pictured on Ebay, it has more "curves" in it. If I wanted to be real picky, you can still see light lathe marks in the wood, but as I say only if I really wanted to be picky. As for the soap, I don't have enough knowledge to know if it's MWF or not.

I also don't have a non-Ebay bowl that I can compare it against.

The brush certainly doesn't have a "premium" feel or look to it. Looking at it, it's a VS80. This sells for 4.95 pounds on kentbrushes website. Wood isn't exactly finely finished or polished, varnish isn't exactly glossy smooth and there's quite a bit of excess glue around the knot.

That being said, effectively by buying the set I got the brush and the razor for $4AU extra compared with buying just the bowl and soap. The brush'll make an ideal emergency/backup/travel brush.

The Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 is really nice as well, beautiful green handle ( no it's meant to be that way ) , light and a very nice DE ( well it does have two blades ). I know you guys will be scrambling for it once I list it on BST :001_tt2:

Whole lot cost me $27AU, so given that the MWF refill to buy "locally" is around $25 AU, think I've done well.


(Sorry only got my cheap point and shoot at work with me at the moment )


Enjoy! I really enjoy MWF--it's second in my rotation after Tabac. The only other soap I have right now is Mama Bear, which is great, but I definitely prefer triple-milled tallow soaps to glycerin.

I still have to try some Pre de Provence, which is on the plan next paycheck
Something else weird I've just noticed.

If you look at the Kent Brush web site, the wooden bowl displayed as current has the "curvey" shape to it but has the "handled" lid.

The one I've received has the "curvey" shape with the flat lid.

The one on ebay has the "not so curvey" shape with a flat lid .

The ebay picture looks beechy while the I received looks oakey.......

Confused.............. ????

Doesn't matter, I like it anyway and still think it's good value. :001_smile
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Mine came today. Not too shabby, seven days. Brush looks good, bowl and soap look good. My bowl looks like beech, but does have the smooth top. Some swirl marks are visible on the lid, but they are faint. Tried the soap for the first time tonight and I'm quite pleased!
Have just used the soap over the last couple of days.

All seems good though I seem to get a good first and second lather but then the brush runs out . Think I might have to load the brush more.

Left the bowl on the bench.

Wifey saw it and said " That's a nice bowl" rather than " WHAT THE [email protected] MORE BLOODY STUFF !!", so all is good ! :biggrin1:
Hmmm...I think mine came today, but I can't be sure. :)
I mean the post office left me a little slip saying I missed the delivery (school is over so I overslept and the mailman had come at 11:00! At least I slept well)
It may be something a family member ordered for my birthday though. Can't be sure
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