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Kent shaving Brush Contact?

Hello Everyone:

I have tried a few times now to contact Kent via email with no response, and I have had no luck with their Live Chat online support either. Do those of you that have Kents always order from the Company or is there somewhere else I shoule be looking? I have heard wonderful things about their brushes, buut so far I am not impressed with their customer service.

I wanted get get quotes for a BK4 & BK8 with shipping costs to USA. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

Thank you,

Chances are it is your email address - as it is probably being zapped by their spam filter. They were outstanding at turning around emails with me. I will pm you a personal email address of a kent employee right now.
Check in our Members List and look up KentBrushes. Send Steve a PM and he should get back to you right away.

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