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Kent, Shavemac, Savile Row, Vulfix, Simpson, Plisson.... What's your weapon of choice now??

There are just so many lower cost options especially with the synthetic and 2 band badger that they seem to have overshadowed these makers. Vulfix brushes in particular don't look like they're being sold by too many vendors. My brush rotation is mainly my Simpsons, Semogue and Omega.

Any of these, although I will say that the 2 Grizzly Bays ( 1st left and 2nd from right) get the most play. 1st has a TDR knot and the other has a Maggard’s SHD. Just really dig the shape he uses, really comfortable for me to use.
Declaration Grooming and Simpson. I will always have at least one of each in my rotation. Simpson, because it is quintessentially British, and Declaration because it is American Made.
My Simpsons best, Shavemac two-band silvertip, Morris and Forndran blonde badger, Elite Manchurian brushes (plus a few other badgers) all get a bit of use, and all have their merits. I have to admit, though, that the two brushes I use most are my Yaqi Segrada Familia and Moka Express synthetics. They're just so reliable, efficient, quick and comfortable.