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Kent Infinity Silvertex synthetic or Semogue 1250 or 1305?

Kent Infinity Silvertex synthetic or Semogue 1250 or 1305? I'm interested in a brush in these similar dimensions... knot size between 20-22 and loft of 50-55. Currently I have a Vie-Long 12705 and an Omega 50068 Bambino. The Bambino has won me over, but I'd like something a little bigger and enough loft for some splay, yet smaller than the 12705 with a 23mm knot and 60mm loft.

I'm curious about the Kent synthetic, as many compare the feel to a boar. I may eventually own both of these, but right now I'm looking for something definitely under $25.

I mostly face lather, but I occaisionally like to bowl lather as well, and may be doing more of that in the future.

I know that synthetic is a different breed, and this may simply be an apples/oranges comparison. I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
I had the silvertex and decided I like a larger knot in the synthetics, but it worked quite well and is probably the scrubbiest of the synthetic brushes that I have used. The boars were great also but a bit more trouble to use, soak before using, break in, longer drying times, etc. I bowl lather with creams and head and face shave. The smaller knots made better travel knots in boar and badger mainly I think because of the faster drying time, but in synthetics with the fast drying time the larger knots are fine for travel. I use the Muhle travel tube and most brushes will fit in it so the size really isn't a factor in travelling.
The Silvertex feels a lot smaller than the 1250. It doesn't splay much and has more spring to it. The 1250 has more loft and is a bit floppier. They're both nice brushes but very different from each other.
I can only speak of the 1305: mine is about three months old and getting nicely broken in. I used to be strictly a bowl-latherer, but the 1305 has moved me toward face lathering (I actually use a hybrid technique: get things started in the bowl, then face lather, then use bowl residual to paint on a thicker layer). The 1305 is, IMO, ideal for both methods. Great soft tips but plenty of backbone for face lathering; nice loft and longer handle for bowl lathering.
I have both. To me, the Kent is a small, stiff brush (but with soft tips) that just feels artificial. I only use it occasionally, as it doesn't feel comfortable to me. I mainly use it as a travel brush. The 1305, on the other hand, was one of the first brushes I bought and is still one of my favorites. It has softened over time, yet still has enough backbone to be great for both face lathering and bowl lathering. I use it often! You really can't go wrong with a Semogue or Omega boar brush.
I wanted to try some synthetics and unfortunately I got the Kent Silvertex based mostly on price and was very disappointed. The shape of the loft if bullet shaped to me and did not bend and splay unless 1 of 2 things was done. I either had to press down very, very hard or used the brush held diagonally at an angle. The tips also were "artificial" as others above mentioned and it was irritating to my skin. I also thought the ergonomics of the handle were atrociously uncomfortable. I had bought an Omega synthetic at the same time and felt it was day and night but hopefully you have a positive experience with the Semogue if thats what you end up going with. Best Regards!
Thanks for all the great responses, that's what I wanted to hear!

I had interest in the Kent Silvertex to try out a good synthetic, but it certainly sounds like I'd be better holding out and getting a Muhle synthetic Black Fibre V2. I think that'll wait for a birthday or fathers day gift suggestion!

The more I hear about it, the Semogue 1250/1305 (same brush, just painted or unpainted handle, right?) sounds like what I want in an everyday brush. That is, the #1 spot in the rotation. :biggrin1:
I love the look of the 1305, but I just hate to think of that beautiful paint job getting chipped or peeling down the road....

I liked the idea of not needing to soak my brush, but I've found with my Omega Bambino that the time it takes to wash my face and lay out my kit is sufficient. I'm amazed at what that little 18mm knot can do... I'm thinking the Semogue will be perfect!
The more I hear about it, the Semogue 1250/1305 (same brush, just painted or unpainted handle, right?) sounds like what I want in an everyday brush. That is, the #1 spot in the rotation. :biggrin1:

The 1250 is made with 90% Best Boar and the 1305 is made with 90% Premium Boar.
I recently got the 1305 brush (2 weeks ago). Love it! Since I have this brush, I've given facelathering a try. Works great. Like the shape and the paintjob. The 1305 is an excellent brush imo!
You will love your Semogue, whichever one you get. I have the 1305, the SOC, and the Amici, which is mixed boar and badger. I use all of them regularly.
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