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Kent has gone all Synthetic

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I Waxed The Badger.
Ah ! The amazing ignore button !
Must be feeling good hitting it.
Just like burying the head in the sand...
I wouldn't ignore you. A person would have to be a real a hole for me to ignore them here. Most everyone has something of value to add. Making people think is not a bad thing at all. I brought up the points that synths have some baggage and you pointed out not as much as other goods we use all fine and good.

As to the synths, I am not opposed to paying high end badger prices for one if there was one as good. So If I wanted a decent synth, I'd spend money on a top end Muhle (which I have) or an Omega EVO. Simpson fibers seem nice, but they are too dense, too short or both - the handle splays easier than the brush.
I think there is a huge fan base for boar. One of my first was a Semogue 620. Inexpensive and I felt like it broke in so quickly. I recently get it out and was so surprised at how soft and luxurious it is. But now I took this to a boar badger debate. Lol. 😂
I agree 100%. Once broken in, a boar brush is fantastic.

I have an inexpensive "Proraso Pro", which is a Proraso branded Omega 10049. I've enjoyed that brush for 2 years.

That said, it's been sitting unused ever since I've got my Trafalgar T3.
Simpson fibers seem nice, but they are too dense, too short or both - the handle splays easier than the brush.
Which is the exact reason why I opted for Trafalgar T3 - ideal loft shape and size, coupled with densely packed fiber, for a great face-lathering experience. I can assure you, the brush has excellent backbone and splays nicely. Handle is beautiful and nice to hold. I use both swirling, circular motion and paint strokes when face-lathering and have had ZERO issues. So, to each his own I guess...
I just sold a T2. I do really like the idea of synths and have enjoyed the Muhle/EJ synthetics I've used for most of the last several years. While I am really fond of broken-in boars and have a bunch, I am intrigued by the T3.

The T2 just seemed a bit meh, sort of underwhelming compared to an EJ STF XL, both in terms of the fibers themselves and density. But then I used a smaller STF and found it just about equally unimpressive. It leads me back to thinking about a bigger version of the T2.

Talk me out of the T3. Or talk me into believing it's as good as an Omega Evo (the other big synth still on the to-try list).
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