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Kent BK8 vs Rooney 3/2 in Super Silvertip

As I said in the previous post, I used the new Kent brush this morning, with some Mama Bear soap, and did a face lather. It worked great!

The Rooney is a good bit more dense, but I really like the feel of the large Kent!

Here are three pictures of the brush, along side my Rooney 3/2, to give you a comparison.

The first one is the new Kent along side my Rooney, sporting a nice bloom, after about 2 months, in a rotation with a Shavemac.


The nest one is taken from the top and you can see the Kent is a good bit wider and not as dense. The Kent is the one on top.


The last is the side-by-side picture, similar to the first one, but after using the Kent.

Very nice!!

I have a Kent BK8 and love they way it lathers and feels. Mine has been in rotation for over a year and has never lost a hair. Although I have been favouring my Chubby 3 Best of late, I have nothing negative to say about the BK8.

Use yours in good health!!
The Rooney was my first brush and I started wet shaving towards the end of March. I only went about 3 weeks before I got a second brush and it has been used basically half time since then.

Looking at the calendar, I would say I had used it 35-45 times.
Is the BK8 a little bit of a lather hog like the BK4?

I have no experience with the BK4, but I do not see the BK8 as being more of a lather hog than either of my other two brushes (Rooney 3/2 in super silvertip and a Custom Shavemac in Silvertip -- 20 mm knot, I think, but I do not remember for sure)

I generally do a 3-pass shave and there is always plenty of lather left in all three.
How would you compare the BK8 with the Shavemac? Similar?

It feels a lot like the Shavemac but a good bit bigger knot.

When I first got the Shavemac I was worried about using hard soaps, but it has not problem at all with either tallow or glycerin based soaps.
How would you compare the BK8 with the Shavemac? Similar?

I think if feels a lot different than a Shavemac. I have had two shavemacs, and for silvertip I prefer the Kent. But I also have hung onto my shavemac in pure and sold the silvertip.
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