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Ken Jennings on Jeopardy, yea or nay?


How did you like the GOAT on Jeopardy last night. Looks like we have 6 weeks of him.
I'm a yea.
Same here. He was appropriately grateful to Trebek, and humble enough to acknowledge his own starting role. He doesn't have the gravitas (yet) that Trebek showed so effortlessly, but then to my memory, neither did Trebek in the beginning. I think he would be a good permanent replacement, and would likely grow into the role just as Trebek did.


I think his first episode was tough for him, and it showed BUT that doesn't mean I don't think he'll do a great job.

Filling Alex's shoes is impossible and I think he did a great job. I think he has the background and ability to take it on full time after all the guest hosts cycle through.

I literally only watch WoF and Jeopardy each weeknight.
It's just so wierd not seeing Alex in there. I thought Jennings did a great job, and I could see him settling into the role very nicely.
He seems to have the whole, "not a replacement, just the next host" idea down. I think that, as others have mentioned, he will develop his own style over time, as any new host must. I hope they give him the time to do so, or ANY new host they decide to go with.
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