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KeenDogg Moderator Interview


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Moderator Interview - KeenDogg


@KeenDogg has been a member of B&B since July 20, 2015

1.Weirdest post you have had to moderate:
Posts about members shaving their unmentionables or the post which starts out "If this is not OK, please delete.."

2. Why you decided to join the team:
To help. I am happiest when I feel like I am helping.

3. What you enjoy most about helping the boards work well?
I like for everyone to have a place to conversate in a kind, respectful manner. It's a light of hope in the thick fog which is the internet.

4. Things you wish you knew before you said "yes" to being a Moderator?
How much Moderators work to make B&B what it is.

5. What is the hardest part of the job?
Trying to be fair, but firm. Early on, I was heavy handed at times. I was new and wasn't sure how to moderate.

6.What are/aren’t the perks of being a Mod?
Perks: Being a part of something bigger. Helping people have a better experience.
Being able to edit my posts at all times is great. Lol. Getting to see some of the ideas for the site before they happen and being a part of creating some of those ideas.

Cons: Coming to the stark realization a good percentage of members aren't familiar with the TOU.

7.Do you have a holy grail razor?
Not as of now. It used to be a Gillette Double Ring. It took me 5 years, but I found one. A "PAT. AP. FOR" 1903.

8. What is your favorite knot material?
I like most of them. For me, I try to go with the reputable makers: Omega, Shavemac, etc... Quality is what I look for, no matter the type. I'm not much of a horse hair guy.

9. Movie that makes you happy? Music or song that makes you happy?
Anything that challenges you to think and inspires you to change for the better. I want to feel something other than anger and fear in my media selections.

10. What is your favorite / least favorite word?
Favorite: LOVE. Least Favorite: HATE

11. What sound or noise do you love / hate?
My wife and kid's laughter is my favorite sound. My least favorite is people arguing.

12.What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I'd like to try to be a Stand Up Comedian or maybe a writer. Something which makes others feel something. Artist maybe good.

13. What profession would you not like to do?
Garbage hauling. Those guys have it rough. Heavy lifting jobs of any kind. I used to do them and my body is paying the price.

14. What is you favorite saying/motto/inspirational saying?
Work hard and be nice to people.

15. Do you have any heroes either living or dead, current or from days gone by?
Past-James Stewart. Served admirably in WWII. He was active on many missions, even though they tried to safeguard him from combat of any kind. He would have none of it. He never hid behind his fame.

Current-Michael Franti. He spreads a message of love and unity through music. It's a simple philosophy which can shape the world for the better.

Also, the Dalai Lama. His teachings have helped bring balance to my life and mindset. No longer do I long for a certain view of life or to control life. It's been a blessing.

16. Anyone from history you most would have liked to meet?
Tough question. FDR, Fred Rodgers, My Father-In-Law.

17. If you could be any tree what would it be?
That's easy, Maple. They are just a beautiful tree. I love the shape of the leaves and you can make syrup from them. In my mind, that's caring, giving life. The Maple gives of itself to nourish others.


Slays On Fleek - For Rizz
Come on Adam admit it, you are a mod because of the fame and the money 💰💰💰 bag's and bag's of it 😜😘
Plus get to pick on @FarmerTan 😋
I've got so much money now, I'm gonna hire someone to pick on @FarmerTan for me!!!!
During my almost 13 years as a Badger & Blade Team Member I've known almost all of the past and current Moderators. Well, Adam @KeenDogg is unquestionably one of the finest for his humbleness, kind manners and willingness to help. He is also one of my best B&B friends. Grazie di cuore Adam! :thumbup1:
Right back at you, fratello mio!
May you be loved
May you be healthy
May you be safe
Thank you, Mat. You, Steve, and I came on here together, so to speak. I'll never forget you guys and your kindness. May you have the same fortunes.
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