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Keen Kutter help

Ok, in my various "junk" collecting I have acquired two "Keen Kutter" single edge razors. Frankly looking at pictures I don't know that I can see any difference between these and the "Christy" razors.

One of them has a handle that screws off, while the other one's handle is fixed. Between the two there is one carrier that slides out. It seems to fit snugly into the razor with a fixed handle, but is very loose if I slip it into the handle with the removable handle. The carrier looks for all the world like the "massage bar" I found pictures of on the Christy razor.

Both came with one case, but only the one which disassembles seems to fit the case, and even that's not a good fit. But both razors and the case are all marked Keen Kutter.

The razor which does not disassemble looks exactly like the Christy promotional razor, or at least appears to from the pictures I have found.

PAL single edge blades don't seem to fit right. And searching eBay for blades turns up Christy blades, but not Keen Kutter blades.

I'll try to get some pictures later. But until then does anyone have a clue what I've got. I was reall buying the Gillette in the lot, so if this is nothing more than a pile of junk I still am satisfied.

Searching Keen Kutter on the forum turns up way too many threads to navigate.
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