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Kaweco Brass Sport Problems

First off, I love my Kaweco Sport pens, well all except one, my brass EF.
I use one of the plastic Sports in my pocket notebook I carry daily and wanted to start carrying the brass which needed some use as it was languishing amongst others.
(Note to self, write more)
Anyway when I unscrew the pen and then place the capped part back on the end of the stem, it will not stay on the pen.
My others will stay on with a few twists by friction, but not this one.
It rolls around and worse, if I am not careful will just simply fall off should I unthinkingly turn the pen over.
Has anyone else had this problem and have a solution?
The other issue is the nib, which is more apt to scratch the paper than write.
Being new to all things fountain pen, I am thinking this is what I have read about as "baby bottom"?
Or is the nib hopeless.
I would appreciate any help.
Scratching not writing sounds more like misaligned tines than baby's bottom. Look at the nib from directly in front, and make sure the tines are perfectly aligned, like so: UU

If one is slightly higher than the other, the pen will be scratchy.

The cap should sit deep enough to grip the barrel firmly, make sure there is no obstruction in the back of the cap. I can't think of any other reason that that, sorry. Good luck!
Thanks for such a quick reply.
I will check the nib and if these old eyes can see if it is indeed the shape you describe.
I looked into the cap and there is no obstructions. It just is loose?
I may reach out to Kaweco directly if I cannot find a solution.
Asking Kaweco sounds like the best approach; they should be keen to sort this out.

Let us know how you get on. If you want to post some photos of the nib, I'm happy to have a look.
most EF nibs tend to write a bit scritchy/scratchy compared to others. what's generally worked for me is to just scribble on a rough paper, like old grocery bags. they can be smoothed that way, or on mylar sheets . I doubt Kaweco will say much different, but they might. I don't recall my sport EF needing any tuning, but I have a TWSBI EF that's still a bit scritchy sounding more than feeling. it happens.

how hard have you tried to press the cap onto it when you post it? it's not like you're going to hurt the brass. if it's too wide a bore to post at all, I'd send it back.
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