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Kasbah shaving cream anyone?

Hey guys,
Recently bought few soaps/as from BST and there was a sample in it of a cream.
Name on a sticker was Kasbah without any other indications. I used it and was the cream with the best slickness Ive tried. Was great performer. Scent was strong cinnamon.
I cant find anything about it. Does anyone here knows where to buy it?
The country of origin wasn't displayed on the tube? It sounds like it could be Middle Eastern because kasbah is the Arabic word for fortress.
For your description, it surely is kabash from Eufros, as others have already pointed out. Manuel makes top notch soft soaps, for many, simple the best of the bests, and that is similar to your experience. And your scent description matches that soap very well too. Also, they way the sample is labelled seems to be Manuel's style (I'll upload an example latter). You can find his products in some US vendors websites, or contact Manuel trough his e-mail.