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Will you be ordering a SS Karve?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Later when the price drops

  4. I’m so torn...

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    Had a really nice shave with my Karve brass this morning. Can’t wait to get my SS. Glad to see they’re starting to go out.
  1. What did you end up ordering? I’m on the wait list still.
  2. SB D plate
  3. That’s a good choice!Once I’m up on the wait list, I’m ordering a C&D plate SB.
  4. I use a C in my brass, but the C plates were sold out by the time I got my order in. We’ll see how the D works for me.
  5. Just confirmed my order will not ship until the middle of next week. What a disappointment. They totally lied about the razors being ready. This will be my last purchase I make with them. Too many other places to buy quality razors without the BS.
  6. Great! So...one razor shipped in two weeks (that we know of). Hopefully, this means that more will ship before the week
    Jeez...I guess I am in the same boat. I placed my order literally 1-minute after the launch. Just out of curiosity, what time did you place your order?
  7. I timed it and my order was placed in just under 2 minute from the drop that everyone was led to believe had a stock of finished parts that would be shipped out the next Tuesday.

    No shipping order yet. This is weeks of sequential deception BS.
  8. I ordered mine about 5 minutes after launch assuming this would be similar to the out of stock brass issue a while back, but wasn't expecting this! What are your order numbers and what did you order? I'm beyond amazed at how poorly this has gone and I'm very much a Karve fan!
  9. Thinking of cancelling since my order (places in the first 5 mins) didn’t ship today.

    Hit em where it hurts. This is absolutely ridiculous. And still no email to alert us to anything about the situation.

    Might just buy a second hand brass at this point.
  10. There’s an Instagram post today addressing the situation and apologizing for the rough release.
  11. I just saw that as well and it seems they have learned alot, which could help the business in the future. I’m staying patient, but I didn’t pay yet so I understand the frustration of some people who ordered. The wait list MIGHT be better handled than the release I expect. And if the Karve SS is a Huge success than some people will overlook this. Imo he should stay more up to date with his customers and reassure them of what’s going on. Happy Shaving!
  12. Bummer to see that this hasn't been sorted out. Fortunately for me the top cap was sold out thus sparing me the misfortune of bad service

    i do hope you guys get these soon
  13. That's exactly what I did today. Some really good deals on used Brass Karves lately
  14. Who the heck has an Instagram account?

    You know what everyone who ordered does have though? An email account.

  15. At this point, hearing an endless stream of excuses is getting ridiculous. I have still not received any shipping notification or any other updates about my order.

    On Instagram he clearly states that all the production issues have been sorted. If that is the case, then ship the razors out already. Jeez
  16. Exactly.

    I cancelled last night and had an email this morning confirming the cancellation and refund, and asking if they could receive feedback.

    I simply said that after nearly 4 weeks of not receiving a shipping notice or email regarding delays, I had decided against my purchase.

    To be honest there’s a lot of talk and comparisons with the Blackbird razor and I think I may pick up a used one with the cash now.

    I say all this as someone who bought the brass version, as a Canadian rooting for a home shop, and as someone who wanted to really like Karve. But 4 weeks and no contact? I will try other high quality razors.
  17. Yesterday I sent an email to cancel my order and have not heard back. I just sent a second request. If I don't hear anything over the weekend I will put in a claim with Paypal. I am not messing around with these guys. I am not desparate for another razor as I have plenty.
  18. It is as if all of the purchasers were duped into a mini GoFundMe campaign of pay now but get it later.

    On June 26th Karve CB razor fans purchased the new stainless steel versions with the understanding that a certain amount of inventory was ready to ship out. Many quickly bought knowing the supposed existing inventory may sell out and wanted to get ahead of the next option of the new waiting list.

    What was happening in reality is there were no manufactured SS razor parts and Karve was selling something that did not yet exist. Everyone was going on the list whether they knew it or not. It was all one big list containing two types of customers. The first type of customer was an actual buyer who paid (meaning pre-ordered) the razor and the others who declared they were interested in purchasing at a future, when available, date but would not actually pay for the purchase until the order was ready to ship.

    But lets make no mistake, we were all on the list and those that actually paid were pre-paying for something that was yet to be produced. It begs the question, was the first group of paying customers needed to fund the inventory to cover both for their purchases and the others on the waiting list?
  19. Possible. I don’t think there was ever any intent to run a scheme like this. Now, by not communicating the facts about the release in an email to all waiting customers, that opens the doors to rumors like this circulating.

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