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Will you be ordering a SS Karve?

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    I am super frustrated with the Karve stainless steel launch as well. He has managed to actually create a worse customer service experience than when he launched the brass version. I have emailed him 4-5 times in the last year and received only one reply.

    He constantly over-promises and under-delivers on his timetables. What is most frustrating is that he posted on Instagram that he realizes customer service is very important and he has hired a person to be in charge of communications while he takes care of the manufacturing side. Yet...nothing has changed. Same old BS...different day.

    If he is having problems with the finish on the top caps, just post that on Instagram or send a quick email blast to all the pre-orders keeping us in the loop. I am not sure how he can be so clueless when it comes to keeping people informed.

    I am not upset about the delay. People in the wet shaving community are typically a patient bunch and are willing to play these games to get the next best thing. However, I am irritated with the complete lack of communication from Karve. A simple email would suffice. Not sure how he can be so dense.
  1. Brian at Charcoal Goods is a one man show and he has always responded within a day or so to email questions and you can call Matt directly at Timeless and he is always helpful
  2. Ouch...
  3. I apologize it wasn’t meant as an insult , just an example that it can be done.
  4. That is my experience as well. Brian at Charcoal is amazing to work with and always goes the extra mile to ensure that his customers are happy. I have also emailed a few times with Matt at Timeless and it is the same deal. I always get a reply promptly and the customer service is top notch.
  5. nav


    I'd be willing to bet Karve sells many more razors than charcoal goods.
  6. But do they actually ship them?

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)
  7. And I would be willing to bet that Timeless sells many more razors than Karve or Charcoal.

    None of which excuses the behavior of creating a belief in a customer's mind that a certain number of razors/parts were ready to ship at the time the order was placed and then, when that turns out not to be the case, completely ignoring all inquiries to customer service. This was not a preorder. It was a product launch, where Chris posted on Instagram many times that he was producing a nice inventory of parts to avoid the shipping delays that had been experienced in the past.

    As I said before, I would be perfectly happy if they would just post on their Instagram to keep customers abreast of any shipping/production delays. But they never do that. It is like pulling teeth to get any information. Communication always goes into complete blackout with Karve and as much as I love their product, I have just about had it with the company.
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    I see many more Karve razors in SOTD (if we take that as a sample) than timeless.

    I ordered my brass Karve, it took weeks to get a confirmation/shipping but already knowing about their lack of communication, it didn't bother me much.

    I suppose if it was my first DE razor, switching from carts, I may have been disappointed to wait so long to try a DE razor. I'm quite sure majority of us that have preferred a Karve already have other razor(s) to use while we wait :)

    I'm not saying your wrong in your expectation. We all handle situations in our own ways.

    Hopefully Jack joining Karve will improve things on the communication front and be as perfect as the razor itself :)
  9. It would appear this Jack guy just wanted some kind of in to the industry?

    He would have sent an email by now if he was half competent at customer service/relations.

    And before anyone says “well they did a video on Instagram”... not all your customers have Instagram.

    Two weeks and nothing shipped yet or contact made.
  10. In an Instagram post on June 28 he said, “Thank you so much for your support!!! The release was a success and we are busy getting the orders ready to ship. ...”

    So, how do you define a successful release? Obviously he has a different definition of what makes a successful release than do many of his customers.
  11. I would also add another one man artisan in Peter of Wolf Whiskers making custom brushes one at a time & always available for customer service.
  12. Just got my shipping notice now
  13. Great!
  14. Nice! I can’t wait to hear what you all think!
  15. Great news still waiting for notice
  16. As per Chris, shipping notices are supposed to start going out by tomorrow. Nice to see that he is ahead of schedule, but I will wait and see what shows up in my inbox before deciding whether or not Karve stays on my "must have" list. Certainly soured my feelings about the company, regardless of how much I may esteem the product itself.
  17. Karve Shaving replied to an Instagram question regarding shippments to all customers.
    Reply " We've started shipping all of the orders"
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  18. I can definitely understand why people are frustrated. I had to wait a bit to receive my brass Karve, but it was worth the wait - it’s a great razor. My take is here is a guy who is working his butt off to run a company to make great products and that is something that I want to support even if I have to wait a bit. Hopefully he will improve the communications side of his business so people have more visibility into the status of their orders.

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  19. No shipping notice yet. Not worried. I’m sure it will arrive soon. I’ll use my brass in the meantime. Haven’t reached out to him so can’t comment on reply time etc.

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