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Will you be ordering a SS Karve?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Later when the price drops

  4. I’m so torn...

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    Just looked at his web site, SS razors open and closed comb.

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  1. thats why i stick to blackland... much better razors and usually in stock.
  2. I guess my history saved an old page ...
    The ss top cap is sold out. Too bad the customer service is so bad.
  3. No worries here at all.

    It’s still a one man shop for the most part. I placed my order the second it was released and will use the brass CB and others before the stainless arrival.

    I have used every high and low end razor over the last 20 years and yesterday shaved with my wonderful Wolfman WR2.

    The Karve CB design and shave beats them all...including my Blackbird mentioned above.
  4. May I ask which plates you use?
  5. Great perspective. Thank you!

  6. Currently there are 63 people signed up on the wait list for stainess steel razors. I imagine alot of those are from overseas requests.
  7. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    This reads like a Rockwell Model T thread. I hope you fellas get your razors soon!
  8. Almost two weeks since purchase and not shipped.

    A free plate for the trouble would be nice ;).
  9. C/D/E
  10. Well, just so all of you who ordered SS don't feel singled out, I ordered a brass CB on 6/27 and was told that once they finish working on all the orders preceding mine "hopefully this week" I will receive a ship notice. Not very encouraging.
  11. ohh, bad timing!! Hopefully you've got enough kit to keep the beard mowed down. The brass will be worth the wait!
  12. I'm set. GC .84 is the daily driver. Just wanted to try an OC with multiple plate choices.
  13. DSR


    Q&A on Karve Instagram account last night, I just watched it now on Instagram (go to their Instagram account, the profile pic has a little play symbol at the bottom, click on it...).
    Chris and Jack taking live questions from Instagram users.

    Interesting to watch...
    I’ve seen a photo of Chris somewhere in the past, but that’s the first time I’ve seen him in a video. Looks like a nice and very modest guy.

    They obviously did address the delay in shipping SS razors. It comes down to the passivation process.
    They didn’t clearly say that, but it sounds like they had enough SS parts manufactured for the orders they took, but those parts hadn't gone through the passivation process, and that hasn’t gone as expected.
    The razors were functionally OK, but he wasn’t entirely happy with the aesthetics.
    So he’s reverted back to a different passivation process which he had used in some earlier prototypes.
    He’s been doing some more tests last week, topcaps OK, now testing the process on handles and baseplates, etc, and hopes to be able to start shipping at the end of this week.

    They did mention several times when answering various questions during the discussion that quality and quality control is number 1, which I guess most people here already knew.
    And which explains the delay.... he is a perfectionist....

    He also talked briefly about his shop and his “crew”. It’s Chris, another full time employee, and two part time employees, so usually three people in the shop most days, so a small team.

    He did touch on other things, titanium and copper razors, more brushes, etc, but he did say repeatedly that he is only focusing on the SS razor at present, and everything else is in the future.
  14. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Thanks for the update. For the life of me, I don't know why he didn't say something either via email or on his own website.
  15. DSR


    That’s why I was saying earlier that he was letting himself down again because of suboptimal communication, like last year....
    It’s good that he’s done this now, but he could have avoided some of the frustration and bad publicity by coming out with an email newsletter or Instagram post explaining the issue a couple of weeks ago, when he first realised...
    Some people will be unhappy regardless, but I suspect most of his customers will understand and accept the delay and the apology once they know what’s going on.
  16. I dont get it.

    If he is having them passivated domestically, it'd be extremely unlikely that he'd get different results from run to run. But even then, why would you take pre-orders before you had samples that FULLY matched the production workflow in hand that you had OK'd, because that's what that sounds like.
  17. DSR


    He didn’t go into details, so not sure...
    He obviously did some tests with earlier prototypes using one passivation process/ technology and was happy with results.
    Then decided to change to a different technology for the final product, and mentioned that he believed the vendors who assured him it was going to work reliably and easily, only to realise at the last minute that wasn’t the case, and having to revert to previous process.
    But yes, it does sound like he took preorders before all the parts in stock had gone through the passivation process, or at least enough of them to ensure it was good enough for what he needed...
  18. If he had posted the reason for the delay on his site, or as a bulk email to all orders that had been confirmed, I doubt anyone would have said a word. Karve has garnered a well-earned reputation for quality, after all. Sadly, it has also gotten a bit of a rep for these kinds of communication lapses. C'est la vie.
  19. I’d just like to get the PEEK razor I ordered in early April (and a C OC plate).
    Emails, FB post and messenger inquiries went unanswered for weeks.
    I won’t be ordering anything from Karve again.
    I’m patient but don’t ignore me once you have my money and I was by no means incessant or the like. I didn’t bother with asking “hey, what about that razor I ordered” until after 5 or 6 weeks after I paid for it.
    It’s called courtesy and I guess it’s not so common.

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