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Will you be ordering a SS Karve?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Later when the price drops

  4. I’m so torn...

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    According to rumor, it’s almost here!


    And I couldn’t be more disappointed!

    My “love affair” with Karve is a convoluted story, but ultimately after going though a couple of their solid comb plates, I thought I hated the thing. Then out of desperation I got their most aggressive open comb plate, the F, and the clouds parted and the angels began to sing. So it’s only natural that I’ve been Jonesing for the stainless version except...


    $170 - $185 USD? Man, that’s a little expensive! From $75, to $175? Arg.

    Now if that wasn’t bad enough, open combs are seemingly going to be hard to come by.


    I’ve been dying for the stainless to come out, but now I’m not sure. I REALLY want one, but it’s got to be the open comb which will be hard won... and at $175 USD...

    What about you? Will you be getting one?
  1. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    I like my Karve and always wanted one in SS. However, I don't know if I will be the first one on the block to get one or will wait for a price drop.
  2. Curious about the poll . . . other than buying "used", why would anyone be expecting a price drop of any kind?

    From the attached postings, it appears that his "current method" of production is where the "$170-$185" price is coming from, but that he is working on some things that will allow for a lower price. To me, that implies that when they do hit the market, the price might be lower than what has been noted so far, not that he will put out a short run at a higher price, followed by regular production for less. That would be a terrible idea for a small business. I am left with the impression that Chris has heard the rumblings about the projected price point and is looking to find a way to lower it.

    I'll be getting an OC "B" plate, with and SB "C" plate as well as a 3.5" handle.
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  3. For the record, I'd have no issues dropping $150 for a SS razor from Karve.
  4. If the price ends up in line with the brass maybe on a sale or something, or when he gets production up and suppliers stocked up then yes.

    At $170+ I see no need to do so, when I love my brass model so much. If I need a travel razor I'll grab another brass version and still be under cost for the SS.
  5. I love my Karve and using the D SB plate. I think the price point of the SS version will cause me to wait it out, or do without.
  6. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    He said he was looking at ways to lowering the cost.

  7. Yes, I know, and stated such . . . my point is that I doubt very much he is going to release _____ number of completed razors at the $170 - 185 price IF these alternatives he mentions will lower his costs going forward. To sell _____ razors for one price, and then come out with the same razor at a lower price would be suicidal.
  8. I like my brass Karve, but I don’t see a need to get the SS, even if it were the same price as the brass version.
  9. There’s that. I got excited because after buying the 3” handled Karve, I realized I really want a 3.5.” I figured I’d get the 3.5” in stainless. Maybe i’ll just get a new handle and call it good.
  10. I LOVE my brass Karve, and only bought it a few months ago thinking that i'd wait for the SS to drop and get one of those. The idea of having to clean and dry the brass after each use was what had me unsure and wanting to wait, but in the end i just wanted one so bought it. Very happy camper and now that i know i can make it look new just by rubbing some toothpaste on it with a cloth has me only wanting to keep the brass.

    The cost is one factor but if it can be had for less i'd consider one with only 2 plates (C & D SB). At the end of the day, until the pricing is final as in live on the website, its just Chris' thoughts. I'm not ruling out getting one, but probably not from his first drop.
  11. I’m still debating whether the SS one will be better than the Brass razor. Shouldn’t they perform the same due to both razors being the same design and blade gap. $100 price difference is kind of steep imo
  12. I wonder why the stainless is so much pricier than the brass? I wasn't aware that stainless was that much more expensive. Meaning the raw material. Maybe it's a lot more expensive to machine stainless than brass? Makes you wonder how razorock sells their super high quality stainless razors for so cheap?

    I like my karve a lot but for that price I'll pass.
  13. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. I will for sure wait on some reviews. RR is working on an OC in SS so this could be a tough decision.
  14. I will definitely wait for some reviews first!
  15. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    The shiny SS costs $$! :302:
  16. how about some bare aluminum to keep the cost down? I'm not one for anodized and i've been happy with the x3 in my rotation.
  17. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    A SS Razor will take longer and require more tooling on a CNC machine. Time, along with the fact that SS chews up bits more readily makes these more expensive to produce.

    As far as how it’ll shave, I have direct experience with Timeless Ti and SS razors (same design, different materials). The Timeless SS shaves slightly more aggressively/efficiently than the Ti due to the difference in weight. I’d expect the two Karve versions to shave nearly identically.
  18. Welp, if it’s not worth it to you, don’t buy it . Many people have paid more for other expensive razors .
  19. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    I love my brass Karve (with both F plates). In the abstract, I also love brass generally, due to its patina qualities. I have a bunch of stainless razors; to me, brass and bronze are more interesting. I won't be buying a stainless Karve, though I'm sure it will be a tremendous razor, just like the Karve I already own.

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