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FSOT Karve Overlander 3.25”, Palmolive, Samples

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Hi B&B, another Den Clearing offering… all purchased new by me except B&M soap sample. Great stuff but not getting enough attention. $95 for everything mentioned below and includes shipping. CONUS only.

I would also trade toward a Declaration Grooming b13 brush (any handle DG or non DG), Mizingo Zt4 or a Morris&Forndran brush - all either 24mm or 26mm. Larger handle. Also, a Blutt 1.2 gap newer version.

- 3.25” Brass Karve Overlander
- uncommon 3.25” handle seen on used market as they were somewhat recently offered from Karve. Very nimble - great balance. Even patina as I washed and dried after each use. Used 10x. Excellent condition. Purchased new from Karve includes all original packaging.

- Karve Brass razor stand - it is from the Christopher Bradley line. As with all Karve stands it has a plastic insert to eliminate scratching. Great design. Excellent condition. Includes all original packaging.

- Palmolive Shave Cream 100ml - full tube except 1 shave

Soap Samples (1-2 shaves remain)
- B&M omnibus Le Grande Chypre
- A&E Kaisen (k2e base)

PAA Aftershave samples: unused
- Immortal peach
- Sci-Fi Lime
- John Frum



I cannot open a new thread for a couple weeks so …

WTB - declaration B13 knot in a declaration handle or non Declaration. ~65mm. PM me.
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