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Karve Open Comb is Beautiful!

I recently discovered Karve Shaving Co is based in my home city of Edmonton! Today Chris welcomed me to his shop. I intended to buy an OC razor but Chris brought out some amazing brushes and soaps to view. How could I pass that up? A wonderful business, product and owner. So kind with his time and passionate about his product and wet shaving.
Below is what I purchased, a CB razor in open comb B base with a 4" handle. The brush is a wider knot and stubby base, different than what I saw on his website. My first shave with the OC B was excellent. The 4" provided a nice weight for me, I was hesitant at first to get it, but glad that I did. I'm only a couple of months into my wet shaving experience, but really enjoyed using this razor and very smooth after 2 pass. Blade was a Derby, which isn't what I normally use, but what I had (experiencing a shortage at the moment).

I now know why the Karve is a highly coveted razor.

karve test.JPG
Congrads on the purchase now pls go shave with it lol.

Chris is an amazing and really down to earth guy. I promised him that if I'm. In his neck of the woods that we'll have a pint together!
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