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FSOT Karve OC-A Plate, Soaps/Soap Samples/AS/AS Samples

Hi Gents,

I've collected some various items mostly through trades and a few purchases and I'm trying to make some room in the den. I'd like to sell the first item and trade the remainder for either a couple soaps or a soap set. I've included my list of soaps I'm going to try in the future, so it would be great if you had one of those or similar. Or? I'm flexible.

First up is a brass Karve OC-A plate. I just bought this from another gent, and shaved with it once. A wonderful shave, but I'm going to stick with my SB-B/C plates instead. Just to be clear: the razor is not for sale, only the open comb plate. I paid $20 and about $4.50 in shipping, so would like to get $17.50 + shipping before PayPal fees from you. I'm unaffiliated with Pirate Ship (Free USPS and UPS shipping software | Pirate Ship - https://www.pirateship.com/) but use them to ship my shaving items, thanks to the gent who turned me onto them!

Second is a collection of soaps/soaps samples/after shave/after shave samples.


Arko Stick (New in package.)
Barrister and Mann: Reserve Lavender (Used about a dozen times, not strong enough scent for me.)
Chiseled Face: Sherlock (About 50%.)
Dr. Jon’s: Rose of Phrygia (75%, not strong enough scent for me. Wonderful lather.)
Mike’s Natural Soaps: Rose and Cedarwood (75%. Probably old. I can't smell anything but soap. Did not shave with this.)

Soap samples:
Ariana & Evans: Asian Pear (Enough to see if you like the scent.)
Ariana & Evans: Summer Fig (Enough to shave with.)
Declaration Grooming: Weinstrasse (Enough to shave with.)
Mühle: Sandalwood (Unopened.)
Noble Otter: Plunder (Full.)
Southern Witchcrafts: Tres Matres (Full.)
Southern Witchcrafts: Carpathia (Full.)
Southern Witchcrafts: Desairology (Enough to shave with.)
Southern Witchcrafts: Fougère Nemeta (Enough to shave with.)
Southern Witchcrafts: Arcane Abyss (Enough to see if you like the scent.)

Chiseled Face: Sherlock (70%.)

Aftershave samples:
Barrister and Mann: Lavanille (80%.)
Fine Accoutrements: Platinum (60%.)

Soaps I'd like to trade for:
Ariana & Evans: Asian Plum
Barrister and Mann: Le Grand Chypre
Barrister and Mann: Massacre of the Innocents
Chiseled Face: Black Fern
Declaration Grooming: Rose Santal
Declaration Grooming: Sweet Lemon
Dr. Jon’s: Flowers in the Dark Vegan Shaving Soap Vol. 3
Elegant Rose Boutique: Lavender Mint Splash Artisan Shave Soap
Le Père Lucien: Abricot
Le Père Lucien: Rose de Pushkar
MacDuff's Soap Company: Lilacs in Bloom
Maggard Razors: Limes and Bergamot
Purely Skinful: Sakura
Soapy Science: Rosa Pura
The Sudsy Soapery: Lemon Rose Chypre
The Sudsy Soapery: White Sage and Lime
Wholly Kaw: Rose Concerto
Zingari Man: The Gypsy

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