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Karve Christopher Bradley Brass SB, B and C Plates against my other DE razors

I've only been using DE razors for about 9 months now, so am behind a lot of you! However, I feel experienced enough to offer up a little review of the Karve Christopher Bradley brass razor (3 inch handle, B and C plates) versus the few others that I have: the Merkur 34c, Baili 171, King C. Gillette, and Viking Blade The Chieftain. In particular, this might be of interest to newbies.

Aggression/Blade Feel
Least - Baili 171, although a massive blade gap allows some blemishes of mine to get caught and cut easily, ironically
Christopher Bradley B
Christopher Bradly C
Merkur 34c
King C. Gillette
Viking Chieftain

The Chieftain has way too much blade feel for me. It was my first DE razor, and it is amazing that I stuck with the hobby, knowing what I know now. Wish I had discovered B&B earlier!

Christopher Bradley - the grip is excellent
Merkur - also excellent, but not quite as good as the CB
KC Gillette - that handle is too long for me, and it lacks good balance
Baili - I find the handle rather slippery

Artistic Impression
CB is by far the winner. The quality/tolerances just seem superior in all ways. The blades are held closer to the cutting edge then all other razors save the Baili, which is a different and rather elegant design using tabs not posts to hold the blade in place. The Chieftain is sort of cool because it is TTO. Merkur 34c is sort of appealing in an industrial way.

I get a DFS with all of these razors although the Chieftain is danged displeasing for me to use due to blade feel/aggression. For a newcomer, if they can just get over the slight cost difference, I would almost suggest the Karve SB, B plate from among those I have tried. For $30 each, a person can order different plates that represent different aggression levels, from AA to I think F. Merkur 34c also is excellent for newbies. If they have no moles, the Baili 171 for about 7 bucks plus shipping would be worth a try. Ik Baili would reduce that enormous blade gap it would be a much better razor for me.

YMMV .... what do I get next? I'll attempt to hold off for a while but I'll need something. I have been thinking of a birth year Gillette ... not sure how I'd get something so specific though.
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