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Karve CB vs RR GameChanger SMOOTHNESS

I have the Karve but do not have any Gamechangers. The Karve CB is a wonderful razor, but, as you increase the shaving plates, the blade exposure increases (B is neutral, C is barely positive, etc.). For me, I love the C. I can definitely feel the blade on a D plate. It's absolutely smooth, but I just don't like that blade feeling. YMMV—some people like blade feel, really! :). I cannot speak to the blade feel of Gamechangers, I just offer that blade feel is something to consider in razors.

For example, I am fortunate enough to have a Wolfman (wr2 1.05 sb). It's more efficient than the Karve C, but feels on the skin like the B. To me, the Wolfman is one special razor that appears to use razor geometry and gap to deliver more efficiency with less blade feel than other razors.

This was not a Wolfman ad. It's just about blade feel. And I adore my Karve.
For me the .84 GC has been smoother than the Karve w/ C plate.
I'm the opposite. Karve with C plate, which is what I have been shaving with the last five shaves, is smoother, with less blade feel than the .84. That said, the .84 is slightly more efficient.

For me, I love the C. I can definitely feel the blade on a D plate. It's absolutely smooth, but I just don't like that blade feeling.
Same. There is definitely more blade feel on the D. There is a corresponding increase in efficiency, though, so for those looking for a glass smooth shave that last longer, the D is a good option. I love the C, though, as I can shave without fear and there is enough growth that I can shave again the next day.
I have since bought more plates for the stainless Karve.
Now have SB plates #C to #G.
Use #F mainly. It's still a smooth shave...but I think my Timeless .95 OC is a tad smoother for a similar shave.
The Karve #G is still smooth but with just a hint of blade feel. Would be my best for a really close shave.
I do use a good soap (Stirling or The Gentleman's Quarter usually), so that helps to give plenty of slide & glide.
GC 0.84-P and Rockwell 6C R5/6 are my two go to razors but I'm really interested in picking up a Karve cb as well I'm just not sure which plate to choose C or D ? I shave every 2/3 days so I need some efficiency but not necessarily over aggressive
I have all 3 of these razors. I would say the GC .84-P would fit between the Karve SB, C & D plate. The Rockwell in the 5-6 is very smooth because as the Rockwell plates go up in number (increase gap) their blade exposure goes down or negative. I would suggest the Karve SB, D plate and also consider the OC plate in either C or D.


Can anyone compare the Charcoal Goods LvL2 with the Karve SB C Plate? They're about the same gap. I have the CG LvL2, but currently only have the Karve SB in the B plate. Wondering if the C plate will be as aggressive as my CG LvL2 which I find to be a bit too aggressive for me to be a daily driver. My Karve B Plate works great, but I tend to only use Kai SS blades in it for the extra width.
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