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Karve brass razor, Asylum and Fine soap/AS sets

Doing a small den clearing. All prices include shipping CONUS and CONUS only. I prefer payment via Venmo but will do PayPal G&S if you cover the 3% fee.

Karve Christopher Bradley brass DE razor: I bought two of these to mix-and-match handles, caps and base plates, and now selling one of them. This one has the body cap that shows the blade tabs and a SB-D plate. Buyer can pick either the 3.25" handle in the photo or a 3.5" handle - that didn't make enough of a difference for me to care. I’ll throw in a tuck of Nacet blades, which I find are a perfect fit for this razor, and a Maggards sample of soap to get you started. Will come in original packaging. This provides for one of the smoothest BBS shaves you can get this side of a Brazillian face waxing and is a beautiful razor to boot. $100 shipped to your door CONUS.

PXL_20210323_143124064.jpgPXL_20210323_143240529.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20210323_143150300 (1).jpg

Asylum Shave Works (aka WSP for this one) Vetiver Bourbon soap and splash: About 90% left of each. A very nice vetiver scent with the usual top-knotch WSP performance. The "bourbon" part of it means it's a French vetiver, not connected with the Kentucky libation. The scent is earthy, kind of subtle, perfect for these times. And WSP soaps are long-lasting - I'm still working through a WSP Fresh Vetiver set, which is why I'm passing this one on. $30 shipped.


Fine American Blend soap and splash: Soap has ~80% left, splash closer to two-thirds left. Good stuff, just got to make room somewhere. $20 shipped.

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