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    While wandering through TJ Maxx today I spotted this on the shelf.Kanon edt Spray.I have never seen the original I do own the Norweigian Wood version that I wear every few months.So I grabbed it for the sum of 7bucks.I remember online reviews being mainly favorable mentioning citrus top notes and wood and moss base.Sounds good to me.

    I get home and open the box and spray a couple of squirts into the box and give it a sniff.Not good all I smell is cardboard.Let it sit a few minutes and sniff again-cardboard.I spray 2 more squirts in the box and can smell something other than cardboard.But I cannot tell you what I am smelling.So I spray some on the back of my hand and sniff ,no discernable citrus and an odd scent is present.I wait a few minutes and sniff again the odd scent is familiar and I can almost place it.I go to my wife and have her close her eyes and take a sniff and I say "play-do" and she bursts out laughing and says "Yes ,not as strong as play-do but the same smell".

    I leave it on and over the next 3 hours the play-do scent lessens somewhat and a barely discernable sweetness is in the background .This stuff is oddly fascinating,smells nothing like its composition notes.Nothing like any of the reviews,has this stuff fallen victim to reformulation?Because at this point I can't see any reason for it to have lasted 50+ years.I don't think it will see alot of use.
  1. Update
    I sprayed a few squirts on the back of my hand and on my chest last night.This a.m. when I woke up I could smell play-do.
    Utter garbage.Garbage that has some staying power at a low level.
    Maybe I got a bottle that was badly stored,all I can say is avoid this krapp unless you can test it before purchase.
  2. Even the Norwegian Woods has a funky plastic smell at first that takes a few minutes to clear out before the sandalwood takes over and it morphs into a sort of mild Gucci Envy Jr..
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    For $7, worth a try. Mine doesn't last; few cheapies do.

  4. I decided to use this stuff as a deodorizer in one of my spare bathrooms.I took a length of tissue and hung it up and sprayed 6-7 pumps on it and let it hang there.Play-do.The next morning I walk in and it is still play-do.I shake the bottle and spray 7-8 pumps on the tissue.I check in later in the day,play-do and some other back note.I spray the tissue some more and leave.The next day I check it same thing.However this time when I spray it there are some light floral notes.Nothing specific just a vague suggestion of flowers.I did this several days more on the theory that maybe the ingredients needed some air to "activate" thus the shaking and spraying routine..I have sprayed 50-60 pumps and now there is a slight green note and floral note at the start and the play-do note is still there but after drydown there is also a plasticky-leathery -earthy note.It is odd.I decided to wear it today and this stuff is still oddly fascinating .It sticks around at low projection and stays at slightly better than skin scent so far about 10 hours..None of the notes listed match anything that develops unless moss smells like plastic-leather.Maybe by the time the bottle gets half way down it will finally smell like the list on basenotes.I may actually have to search the bay and get a bottle of vintage Kanon to compare it to.
  5. Set the bottle aside and forget about it. In a few months try and clear out your thoughts about it and give it another go. I've found my taste in colognes changes as time goes by. Something I used to really like, now is just so-so. And other fragrances I didn't care for have started to smell better with slightly different notes. Everybody has varying tastes and those tastes can change from season to season.
    You've already paid for the bottle and it doesn't take up much space... It won't hurt to let it set.
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    That's great advice, and not just pertaining to cologne.

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    I think my mood when I first smell a new cologne makes a big difference. I hate being rushed and I found that I should try new cologne on days when I’m Just working around the house. I hate having to worry about not liking a cologne in public.

    The opening has a huge impact as well. My first experiences with “polarizing “ scents used to confirm what most said about them, but now I give them time and wait for the opening to slow down a little. Some of them turn out to be real gems especially when sprayed only on your skin and giving them a half hour or so.

    Good luck
  8. Kanon Norwegian Wood is fine for a cheap scent. Can't say I care for this one or KO.

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