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Kanayama strops

I was looking at some online and I notice they don't have handles or D-rings on the held end.
Would some one enlighten me on this?
As stated just grab the end, you have to realize when stroppping you are not using a huge amount of downward force so it honestly does not take much to hold it.
Yup, like the guys said, they are barber’s ends, you’ll quickly get used to holding them. These are truly amazing stops with a unique draw. There was an interview with the maker that a member posted after visiting him in Japan, last year I think. After reading the post, I decided to buy a backup 70000 because he’s an older gentleman without an apprentice to pass his knowledge onto.
Thanks for the answers guys.
I have been shaving with a straight razor, on and off, for about thirty years. I guess I have learned my stropping technique pretty well in that time. I like pretty firm tension on my leather with a D-ring handle.
I just might try a Kanayama strop though. If I find that I still want a handle I can easily put one on.
Thanks again.
I believe you will enjoy the strop. I like the barber ended strops for the look but my hands like the rings or handles. Good luck
My Kanayama 70,000 with barber ends arrived at about the same time when my Scrupleworks strop (with T-handle) arrived and I found the Scrupleworks so much nicer, and the Kanayama never had a chance to grow on me. I just don’t care much for barber ends.

Right now, I am however using a french Strop-It Suppex 77 paddle strop with magnetically held exchangable paddles.
Took a while to get used to this different kind of strop, but now I quite like it as the paddles have just the right amount of “give”.

The French contributed more to straight shaving than may people give them credit for....

I have several strops ( Scruppleworks older style, Kanayama 30, TM Spanish Bridle and Westholme Cordovan) they all do what they are supposed to do in maintaining my edges, do I have a favorite, I can’t say for sure
I prefer barber ends. Easier to adjust the tension, lighter and it does not sound like your cleaning horse tack in your bathroom. All the noise of jangling D-rings, Chicago screws etc drives me nuts. Ymmv

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