Kamisori Blade Maker Identification

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    Can anyone place this blade to a specific maker? I found it in a small mom and pop knife shop in Japan, and even got it honed by the old man on a wet stone. An incredible experience to say the least, but I’d live more info on it if someone has any!

    22CE808F-1786-40E0-8602-593DFA30FE77.jpeg 3E969435-8122-41B7-9F58-B083F16EABEB.jpeg CF7AABC8-25DB-4707-A594-589643073187.jpeg 68D9D5C7-41C0-42A1-A524-015E0434242E.jpeg
  1. Anyone have any idea?
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    The first kanjis read as 春吉作 haruyoshi-saku (production of haruyoshi)
    The rest of the kanjis are quite bunched up and hard to read as to get an exact meaning.
    Hope that is of any help.
    Edit: wrapping reads as 別誂 本床向剃刀 betsuatsurae hondoko kamisori (special ordered hondoko razor)
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  3. Thank you, that's super helpful!! I tried to do a quick google search and didn't find anything. I'm assuming Hondoko is the area maybe.
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    I'm not quite sure what hondoko is, could be the company or type of razor. A quick search of hondoko (本床向) gave me alot of kamisori results.
    Try to copy and paste the kanji.

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