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KAI and Game Changer .84

I've been enjoying my month-old GC.84, working my way through my favorite blades. I'd noticed that the ones I'd tried - PolSilver, Voskhod, Astra SP - had seemed to fit quite "precisely" onto the posts, which I took as a good thing for alignment.

Today's blade, however, was a KAI, and it didn't want to fit over the posts; it acted as if the holes in the blade were slightly too close together. I fiddled around some, flipping the blade end for end (and no doubt warming it slightly in my fingers) and eventually it slid on, though with a little distortion. Out of curiosity I assembled the razor and all seemed straight, so with some trepidation I shaved with it, and all seemed well.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm guessing it is tolerance stack-up on a couple units with tighter-than-average tolerances.

As an aside, I got a good shave, but slightly more aggresive than I prefer. This makes sense; in my Rockwell 6S I used blades other than the KAI on the 6 plate, and the KAI on the 5 plate. I think the KAI in the slightly-more-aggresive GC.84 is just over my personal limit. That's good information, actually; I was wondering where that limit was.

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I had that same experience with one of the blades I've used in my GC .84. I believe it was with the Bic Chrome Platinum. They fit but you need to push them in, and I was worried that the blade might not be lying flat. As it turned out, like with your KAI blades, there was no problem in actual use. I regularly use the Bic's and Personna Israeli Red's in my GC, with an occasional Feather thrown in since I have lots of Bic's and Personna's and only a few Feathers. All provide equally excellent shaves.
Kai's are my preferred blade. They are a bit wider from edge to edge, thus increasing blade exposure/reveal. They help in amping up a razors feel if one prefers a bit more blade in their shave. Kai's are 50/50, with some saying they are nothing special and those that believe they are a top tier blade, like myself. I've never had an issue with them in any razor I've used including those that are deemed more aggressive/efficient.

I've had that same issue with my GC but, it does not effect the shave one bit....
In both baseplates of my GC, blades will stick a little if I turn the handle a tad tight. This also happens with all my modern, non-Gillette 3 piece razors including my Timeless. Don’t get me wrong, there are really some beautiful, efficient, well made modern razors for our smaller market.

The Kai is my favorite blade and seems to work the best for me in any razor, vintage or modern. Although the Kai works very well for me on the .84 baseplate, it is too much for me to use daily in it. Not sure why, I can pair the Kai with my Timeless .95 OC daily but not the .84 GC baseplate.

A very wonderful accident occurred when I threw a Lab Blue in the .84. Terrific daily shaves. I had almost given up on the Lab Blue because it wasn’t a good fit and felt harsh for me in my other razors. It feels smooth with the .84. I like supporting the local guy and the plant is within driving distance in Verona, Virginia so that’s a plus.
Interesting thread. I took my maiden voyage with my GC .84-P yesterday after loading a fresh GSB. I got a most excellent close shave although it bit me once or twice when my concentration waned. I will have to try a Kai and a Lab Blue just to see if my experience tracks your comments. I think when I use a Kai I will have to be vigilant.
Glad you brought this up. I just shaved with a Kai today for the first time. I used an EJ89 and to me it felt like the blade was "thicker" than regular blades. It just didn't load the same as other blades when I put the cap on it just seemed more difficult for it to clamp down. In fact, there was a slight sound when I tightened the plates on the blade. I think it may be the post issue pointed out in this thread. The performance was amazing sharp and smooth. Got a BBS with 2 passes. So far, I like this blade.

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I can’t use Kai with the first generation British Aristocrat (open comb). They get ‘stuck’.
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