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Kabobs anyone?

It's BBQ weather! Tired of the regular burgers, dogs, steak, etc. I decided to make some quick kabobs. I had a cheap cut of beef and tenderized it, marinated with teriyaki, added some pepper, garlic, and few other spices. My choice of veggies were red and bell pepper and red and regular onions. Let them grill for a while and had some brown rice and baked bean on the side. Not too shabby and easy to boot.
Please share some kabob tips.

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I love kabobs. I make them pretty regularly through the summer. They are a great way to use tougher cuts of beef like sirloin, allow a great deal of variety, and are actually quite healthy as meat dishes go. I usually toss some wood chips on top of the charcoal right before the kabobs go on to give some extra smoke flavor without the hassle of stabilizing at a low temp to actually smoke them.

Marinades are numerous but my go to is just a mix of lime juice and beer. It works just as well for chicken and for beef.

I find beef, peppers, and onions all tend to finish at about the same time. But if you're using shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, or other stuff that either takes a while or finishes super fast then instead of mixing your skewers just do some of your meat and some of your veggies. Cook both to their appropriate level of done-ness and mix at the table.

I made a pork kabob like dish several years ago that was awesome. I remember it involved long, thin strips of pork on skewers and some sort of peanut sauce. I suspect it was thai but I don't remember any of the details. I'll have to dig out some recipes and try it again.
Very nice...I'll kebab most things but a family favorite is chicken kebab. The marinade couldn't be simpler, I blitz a jar of roasted bell peppers + jar of jalapenos + some fish sauce for seasoning.
Try some hawaish seasoning. Hawaish is a Yemenite spice mix, which is great on chicken and lamb. Buy it in a middle eastern market or make your own; tons of recipes on line.
The hawaish is a good tip. I've been told this before.
Wood chips are good too, they add some good flavor.
I've got to try the fish sauce too.
I'll be doing a lot of experimenting with the 'bobs this summer. Thanks for the Tips.
I think my next batch will be using shrimp.


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Bumping this back up as Kebabs are excellent and I will be making some yesterday. Last week-end, the Vermont Public Television (VPT) had a recipe on where they mix minced lamb with garlic, parsley and allspices. I never had it with all spices so I will be trying it. I mixed the meat yesterday so it should be tasty.

As I am unable to do a meal without a touch of Mexican food, I will be serving those on tortillas with Salsa and Guacamole. I know, a yogurt based sauce with lettuce and tomatoes would be great but I love my Tortillas too much...
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