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Just when I thought boredom hit The Nib, Drillog Dip Pen happens

I started Calligraphy in 1st Grade using a dip pen, when I was six. Our desks at school had indentations where to securely rest an ink well. Ah, those days...
It was a primitive holder and cheap nibs. Nothing like the one below.

Time to save for one.


A little poofier than I prefer
The Pen Addict did just about a whole episode on the Drillog. Interesting, but hard pass. I think one has to appreciate it on a level far beyond its mere utility. So, in the "functional art" way, I kind of get it. But not my jam. I wonder how long will take for a $20 knockoff to emerge on Amazon?


Cheaper than ink
I love to use dip pens occasionally and what I enjoy most is the flexibility of old steel nibs and the sound they make on the paper. Doesn't seem this Drillog would provide what I look for in a writing instrument.

That said, fountain pens are for me as I write on the go. Hard pass.
I have a glass dip pen that I use for letter writing. I like the esthetic of hand-blown glass much more than the machined metal. (I'm not a fan of the stark lines and angles of machined metal razors, either.)
I love dip pens, especially glass pens, but one of the reasons I got into them is how inexpensive they are in comparison with fountain pens. I'll pass on this pen, but it's an interesting idea.
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