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Just tried TOBS Lavender

I just got my TOBS lavender and my first initial smell when I opened the tub I was not impressed with the scent. So the next morning when I went to shave and started to whip up the lather, the real aroma came out and it went on smooth yet cushioning which provided a great shave. So far I'm impressed and will continue to use as an everyday cream until the next fave comes around. This is becoming more fun as I try new creams I hope I don't aquire SCAD.:tongue::biggrin:
I am on a lavender kick lately. I have been considering trying the TOBS Lavender next.

Watch out, thats how SCAD starts to appear. :biggrin:
One moment you want to try something with Lavender, the next thing you know your on to ... I dont know ... something Minty. :tongue_sm

What other creams have you tried?
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Tried the TOBS avacado this morning and it lathered great with a smooth shave but the scent was less than desired.
For me the TOBS lavender was nowhere near as good as their avocado which performs well, but has a scent that leaves a bit to be desired. Good lavender creams are NB signature and T&H UC.
I agree with the scent of TOBS Lavender being weird in the tub but great when lathered. I wonder why.

I really want to try some avocado
I thought TOBS Lavender was decent, but found that it could dry out on my face sometimes. I even started to apply Cremo Cream as a pre-shave to maybe help the TOBS out with added slickness and moisture. That did help the situation. However, having recently tried Momma Bear's Lavender shave cream, my TOBS is left wanting. Both the fragrance and shaving performance of MB trumps the TOBS. IMO.
I'll post my thoughts when my tub with Royal Warrants gets in tomorrow from Jim at Vintage Blades

(Had to toss in the Royal Warrants cause it sounds neat but in the end doesn't mean a damn thing for the shave!)


The wife's investment
Now you guys have me wanting to shave with this tomorrow and I promised Soapbox I would shave with his dad's new creation.
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