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Just Stuff Experience Has Taught Me

I just want to begin by saying this is a great idea for a section of B&B, really great.

I've been wet-shaving about two years now, and I realize I'm still pretty new at it. The last time I shaved, I used my most aggressive razor, RazoRock's copy of a German slant. I got overconfident and made a three-pass shave over my chin, the most tender part of my face. I knew better; I scraped my chin raw.
Before I give up on it, I want to see if I can master that razor, even though I already get great shaves with my mild razors with minimal irritation. I'm mad now. I figure if I can master it, I'll be a real samurai shaver.

My Experiment
I have 14 razors, and I like to use them sequentially. I've been running an experiment as I rotate them. I find that the only way I can keep track of all the best razor/blade pairings for every razor I use is to keep notes on every shave. Once I've figured out which blades pair best with every razor, I'll be able to focus on soaps and creams, see which ones perform the best, smell the best, and offer the best value.

Comfort Food
You know how you sometimes just feel like your favorite pizza or hamburger, and nothing else will hit that spot. You're not in the mood for that $100 dinner, thank you. You just want to stay home and enjoy your comfort food. And you come back to it often.
Some of my frequently used, "comfort" products are Tabac, Proraso, and Cella. I love all my Sterling soaps--I have ten scents--but I have to use Proraso regularly, and I'm not sure why. I guess it provides a certain unique satisfaction, like your favorite pizza. Sometimes I'm even in an Arko mood.
And there are the aftershaves. I use Floid Vigarosso every week. I'd be tempted to use it every day, but I don't want to get tired of it. Then there's RazoRock's Blue Barbershop, and Captain's Choice Bay Rum, Lime, and Sandalwood.
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