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Just started honing-what's the worst that could happen?

One thing that might help, When we say use a bit of pressure, rather than pressing the razor harder into the hone try twisting it slightly. By that I mean torque the razor so the edge has more pressure than the spine. It still needs to be kept flat on the hone, but that way the edge will get the pressure it needs to remove metal, but the spine wont suffer as much wear. This is just to set the bevel and sharpen, of course. In the final water only laps the pressure should be as light as possible.

Practice practice practice.

Thanks David, will try that this evening.

I know there are some great fellows down your way. What if you were to ask one to just set the bevel for ya and then you take it the rest of the way. I almost never set the bevel on the coti.

Rick, might go down this path if I cannot get it to work. While I am keen to make the one stone honing work for me I don't have a problem with either getting a bevel setter or having someone set the bevel for me while I learn how to do it myself. Despite the initial frustration I am having a lot of fun practising and learning a new skill.
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