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just shaved with barbasol

Honestly it was a fantastic shave, and a lot quicker than making lather. It felt a lot more old school and manly too than spinning my brush around in 20$ fruity smelling French soap. Im sticking with this!
I have a can under the sink I pull out and use on those cold Monday mornings when I just don't feel much like going through the regular routine. Cutting the whiskers without irritation is the goal.
Barbasol (especially the Aloe formula) is the best canned foam I've found so far.

I also get good results with the non-aerosol version they offer.
I think I'd find it difficult to go back to canned product, but as long as you're happy with it, I'd say go for it!

For me, this is all about trying new things, if I didn't like one aspect of my new routine, I'd change it too.
Another Barbasol fan here. It's what I used before I got into traditional wetshaving, and it always worked well for me. It's great for those lazy days when you just don't feel like whipping a brush around, and it smells great.
How easy does it rinse off from the blade? I tried a couple of canned ones with my DE razors and I had to let them soak a lot longer to let the lather come off the gap between the blade and base plate. So I am wondering if you have tried other shaving creams/soaps and how it differs.
I stopped using shaving cream when I fell in love with Arko, but I preferred Barbasol before I started wet shaving. I keep a can of it sill though, but only to keep my mirror steam free.
Barbasol foams used to always make my face break out and I was glad to be re-introduced to the shaving brush and fine shaving soaps. I have been going back to cartridge razors this year but still use good soaps and boar bristled brushes. If/when I go to a latherless shaving gel like Cremo or Shave King, I always use a pre-shave oil first like coconut oil.
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