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Just picked up some leather.

I stopped in at oregon leather works on my way home today and bought a 2"x72" strip of vegetable tanned white latigo leather, do I need to do anything to it, like use a conditioner? I was contemplating rounding the top edges as well, is that a good idea or not?
Latigo is generally a very durable leather. It probably won't need any conditioner for quite a while. When the time comes, just a few drops of neetsfoot oil rubbed on your palms and then rubbed on the strop is usually more than enough to do the job. Leather conditioning is a less is more kind of thing.
Nice find. Good work. As others noted, just a few drops of Neatsfoot (pure, 100% oil, no compounds) or some tallow soap and a glass rollig and you are in business. Nothing is also OK.
Awesome thanks for the advice gentlemen, I'm going to use some soap and give it a good rubbing down!
You have way too more than you can EVER use.. you should just cut about two thirds off that length and send it to me so you don't spend extra time conditioning leather you'll never use..

Great looking pieces. I would research some preparation technologies. How does Kanayama make it so smooth. Too much Neetsfoot oil can gum up the works, cling with dust and make grime. Research is needed.
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