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Just old Mammoth aftershave or new scent?

I was cleaning out my old dresser, getting ready for Christmas. I moved a drawer, and behind it was my old Mammoth Sonder aftershave! The long lost aftershave was found, after a few years of MIA. The dresser is in my old den, in the corner, where it’s dark. I opened the aftershave, waiting to see if it still smelled the same, I just purchased the remake a few months ago, and I’ve been using it often. The scent was more citrus forward! It smells, clean, a bit sweet and bright. My remake smells a bit muskier, woodier, still citrusy but not as much as the old one. Now, did my older Sonder aftershave change? The conditions were not drastic where it sat all of these years. Or did the formula change a bit? I’m thinking my older aftershave aged and lost some of the other scents, but I’d like to see if anybody has older Mammoth aftershaves, and the newer splash, so they can compare the two. I know they teamed up with Vida, for the remake, but I’m doubtful the scent changed. I’d like to know what you fellas think.
Aftershaves and colognes will deteriorate over the years, especially if they are made with natural ingredients. They will lose some notes, probably weaken, and some can even begin to smell bad. If it still smells good to you, wear it (unless you get a rash or something, of course).
Thanks, that’s what I had figured. It just made me wonder why the citrus notes are more prominent, as I had heard that citrus is usually the one to go first. I’m wearing it, and it smells great!
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