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Just like a commercial

Last year my old faithful Toro of 10 plus years finally bit the dust on the last mow of the season. I have a normal suburban lot of just over 1/4 acre and had used a 22 inch mower with the average time to cut and trim at just a little over an hour. The problem isn't the time, it's the thickness of the grass. The old mower was barely able to cut when the grass was thick and at times it took a double cut to get the clumps mulched in.

The shop where I work has another business attached and they are responsible for the lawn care and snow removal. I have watched them use a Toro Timemaster with great success. It's a 30 inch deck with twin blades and I have seen it used in all conditions with no issues. So I decided to buy one and it's a beast. I have the yard done in half the time and no going back over to get rid of clumps.

Yesterday was the second time I used it and the neighbor across the street came over to check it out. While he was admiring it another neighbor was walking by and he stopped. Another neighbor saw all the people standing around and he came over. After about 10 minutes I was able to get back to mowing.

I told my wife it was just like a commercial, everyone standing around checking out the new mower and asking questions. The only thing I wish I had done was let them try it out on my yard. I probably would have got the yard cut and just watched.
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I had to check it out on YouTube and it looks great. I especially like that it mulches. This video (at 7:00) shows the wash-out port in action. Pretty neat.

A few guys admiring a new mower sounds like a scene from King of the Hill. Or where I grew up lol.
That is great it is saving you time and effort. Extra deck width makes a huge difference.