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    ... I was informed several times today by an official voice recording from the Social Security Audit & Fraud Enforcement Bureau that an arrest warrant has been issued for me...

    so the big question is, what's wrong with the old methods to enforce fraud? And how come the voice didn't say youse even onest? Since when does the Don want pre-paid debt cards?
  2. I got a similar robocall once or twice on my cell phone saying there was an issue I needed to call about or the police would come to my house and arrest me. I was out of state, and it was obviously one of the scam calls. I ignored it, but when I got home I kept some coffee on in case a deputy came by. :)

    I do quite a bit of reporting to the FTC.

    - FTC Complaint Assistant
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    Surprisingly enough, last Spring I WAS contacted by the Social Security Fraud Division...the legit ones.
    They get in touch with you by US Mail..maybe in person if it's a heavy situation. Phone?? Nah.....
  4. Y
    Yup I also get several calls from 914-297-8075 about similar arrest warrant. Never talk directly to them, though. I just Googled the number and easily found some reports have been filed at Beware of 9142978075. I just blocked the number immediately.
  5. I've had a few of these automated calls. Straight into the round file. Kind of wish they would use a live person, so I could invite them to send the Cops out. Used to get the "You've won a trip to ___________". Those stopped when I started insisting that they should just send me my tickets.
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    Had you forgotten to deduct the SSI contribution from your workers at the still paychecks?
  7. Acmemfg

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    Nah..they're independent contractors

  8. Yeah, if they call on the phone and the guy on the other end has a heavy accent and is from India and his name is “Richard”???

    Probably not legit. :)

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