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Just In From The Vault, "Old Red", The Original Latigo is Coming Back

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Dug into the "vault" of my supplier and found a few hides of the same Red Latigo I used when I first started making strops 17 years ago. These 'Old Red" strops will be available soon, just need to update my marking stamps.

5 to 7oz, firm temper but flexible stock with a slight peddle texture gives a somewhat coarse feedback and a medium draw. This is one leather than can be oiled with Neat's Foot from time to time if it feels dry. I will have these in both a red/black "brindle" coloring as pictured as well as a more uniform burgundy overall coloring. As usual you can have cotton or the upgraded linen, D-rings, handles or the D-ring Combo handle. Can be had with black contrasting or red matching caps and handles.

Might do some in the 2 1/2" x 24" square cut end versions for you old school guys.

Probably be on the storefront in about 2 weeks.


Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
I will be announcing another Heirloom Razor Strop Company Pass Around and Give Away in a few days for one of these Red Latigo strops. It will give anyone interested a chance to try one out, give me some feedback on whether this might be a regular product again and in the end I will draw a name from those who participated and they will get to keep the strop.

Details and sign up soon
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