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Just got my first Gillette Tech!

So GR5233, I have read the prewar Techs are more aggressive. Some say they are the best Tech. I have the newer type Techs. Have you noticed any difference with yours?
Personally I haven’t noticed any difference in aggression between the prewar and post war versions. I get great shaves from all of my techs. Though my post war contract tech gets the most use
You made a great choice. My first DE razor I ever bought was a Aluminum Tech made in England. Then I got a NOS Argentine Tech set in 2012. Yesterday, I wanted to revisit the Tech so I bought a British made Ball End Tech. I might buy an American one from the 50's. I found some good prices on a well known auction site.
I think I have the same kit as you do.
Handle is very mall and aluminum
"Case" has a snap and folds out.
Not sure if mine was new but looks new.
I'll have to check the date code on mine
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